Tequila Day Tours

Tequila Day Tours

Tequila Day Tour in Tequila, JaliscoYou’ve only got a single day, and you’re staying in Guadalajara. These fun, educational, single day experiences were designed specifically for people in your situation.

Working with local providers in Guadalajara and Tequila, we ensure that the standards of these guides are as high as our own.

Tequila day tours visit lesser-known Tequila distilleries that are 100% independent, Mexican-owned, and cultivate a love for the land and a pride for their craft. Our guests leave with a new appreciation for the hard work of these Tequila producers, and the excellence of their products.

We also offer a private Tequila day tour, for those who want more flexibility and individualized attention.

Have more than a day? Looking for something more in-depth?

Check out our 4-Day Tequila Tours or our custom Private Tequila Tours.

Tequila Day Tour Details

  • Seven to eight hours (10am – 6pm, traffic permitting)Tequila Day Tour Agave Harvest
  • Offered seven days a week, year-round
  • Cost (USD): US$135/person
  • Includes:
    • professional guide
    • private transportation (including pickup and dropoff at any Guadalajara-area hotel)
    • two Tequila distillery visits and tastings (regular destinations include Casacahuín (NOM 1123), Tequilas Selectos de Amatitán (NOM 1459), Tres Mujeres (NOM 1466), and La Alborada (NOM 1445)
    • traditional Jaliscan lunch in the Tequila village market
    • walking tour the historic Tequila town center, additional Tequila tasting rooms and a gift shopTequila Day Tour Agave Autoclave
    • visit to either the National Tequila Museum or the Los Abuelos/Sauza Family Museum
    • photo stop in beautiful blue agave fields
  • Group size: 12 or less (average group size is 6)
  • To Book, click “Book Now” below. A non-refundable $50 / person deposit is required ($75 / person due upon commencement of tour). If you are reserving less than 48 hours before your desired date, please wait for our confirmation of availability. 

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