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Experience Tequila offers various levels of custom education for bar and spirits industry professionals looking to serve an increasingly savvy drinking public. ET founder Clayton Szczech has been teaching for more than a decade and is himself a student of maestros tequileros at the Tequila Regulatory Council and elsewhere in Tequila Country.

Tequila is the fastest growing spirits category in the US, and margaritas are ordered more than any other cocktail. Even so, server knowledge of tequila tends to lag far behind knowledge of beer, wine and other spirits. Whether you operate a restaurant, classic cocktail lounge, or tequila bar, expertise is essential to customer satisfaction and boosting sales of premium tequila and cocktails.

Let’s speak plainly: if your tequila education is coming from a brand representative, you are doing your customers and staff a disservice. Brand reps (God bless ’em) have rarely visited more than the one distillery where their brand is made. They are also beholden to the company line and encouraged to speak only about their own brands, unless bad-mouthing the competition. This is natural enough, but creates an obvious conflict of interest: the rep is not really there to teach you, they are there to sell product. One product among the dozens they sell in all spirits categories.

Industry Ed 3We, on the other hand, are tequila specialists and experienced educators. We aren’t trying to sell you anything. We spend months every year researching, studying and visiting distilleries in Tequila Country. We maintain excellent relationships with all brands, but remain independent of them. All of this means we are uniquely positioned to speak truthfully and authoritatively about tequila and tequilas. What’s more, we know that the best way to find out the truth about a tequila is to visit their distillery regularly and know what to ask and look for. Taking the night shift out for drinks doesn’t hurt either!

We will work with you to create an ideal training. From a basic, one-hour Tequila 101, to a 4-day Tequila Boot Camp in Mexico, we provide memorable, engaging, fun classes that offer the best value for your time and money.


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