What We Do

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Experience Tequila is dedicated to promoting the appreciation and understanding of tequila itself, its history and its culture. When it comes to tequila, we do everything but make and sell it. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, people skills and professionalism. We can tailor our services to a variety of budgets – even yours!

Whether you are “tequila curious” or already a serious aficionado and collector, we can take you deeper into the unique and fascinating world of tequila. From public and private tastings, to custom tequila tours and specialty events, to Tequila 101 classes or an in-depth tequila “boot camp” for industry professionals, we can meet all your tequila needs.

Here’s a taste of what we offer, and if you don’t see what you’re thirsting for, we can distill something special just for you.

Tequila Tours

caballitoTequila is more than a beverage. It is a region, a village, a culture and a history. There is no better way to truly experience tequila than on one of our custom tours. Recommended by Lonely Planet and certified by the Tequila Regulatory Council.

fluteTequila Tastings and Events

Our events change people’s minds about tequila forever. We offer everything from formal tastings and dinner pairings to authentic tequila cocktails and cantina service at your next party, benefit or corporate event.

Tequila Education


For industry professionals and die-hard aficionados, our classes will take you and your staff to the next level of tequila appreciation and craft. Let us show you what we have learned from maestros tequileros, the Tequila Regulatory Council, industry insiders and Jalisco old-timers.


Tequila Consulting

For bar and restaurant owners and managers. Whether you are just getting started or already recognized as a leader, we can help deepen your commitment to tequila. We are experienced in product selection, presentation, brokering specialty purchases from Mexico and more.