• Experience Tequila turned our Tequila wedding into reality.  My fiancée and I initially were very concerned with how we were going to handle all of the logistics, tours, and all other details of getting our family into Tequila and out of Tequila, while still being able to enjoy our wedding and have our guests enjoy it at the same time.

    We can honestly say we would not have been able to accomplish this goal and pull off our beautiful wedding without Clayton Szczech.  His contacts with all of the hotels, distilleries, and transportation made our wedding relaxing, fun, and most importantly, intimate with our families.  Mike’s family, coming from the US, was very apprehensive about traveling to Mexico, but were made comfortable by Clayton’s team and their knowledge of the country.

    Altogether we highly recommend Clayton and Experience Tequila for your wedding, business function, or even family vacation to Tequila Country.  We have already started planning our 1 year anniversary trip with Clayton for 2012!

    Mike and Leslie N.

  • Thanks for such an amazing trip! You’re really more than a tour guide – you’ve opened our eyes to this place in so many ways. I felt like we were transported to the realm of the tequila angels! Keep it up.

    Hope D.

  • This trip was a blast. Our guide did a great job handling all the details which made it really easy to just relax and enjoy. I would definitely take this trip again and I recommend it to anyone who loves tequila and a good time.

    Kristine S.

  • This was so awesome! I really liked the combination of laid back + totally organized. This is the way a vacation should be, and my relaxation level is still the lowest it’s been in months.

    Bridget E.

  • The tequila was excellent. And I liked not having to stress or think much about where we were going or what we were doing next, thanks to the diligent research of our fantastic guide. It felt like we had been gone for a month when we returned home. Everything was awesome.

    Lyman E.

  • I really enjoyed myself on this trip and appreciated the balance between group events and exploring things on my own. I really appreciated how Clayton was on top of coordinating all the transportation. That always seems to be the biggest headache when I am in another country, so it was nice having someone else do all the work. I highly recommend going on this tour and would definitely go again.

    Heather A.

  • Experience Tequila was exactly the kind of relaxing yet immersive tour that I was sure did not exist. Clayton nicely balances the level of organized activities like sight-seeing, distillery tours/tastings, and special meals with the freedom of exploring Jalisco on your own. He’s obviously done his homework and found some of the nicest places and people in Jalisco to visit.  Not having to worry about accommodations nor transportation during the entire trip really lets you concentrate on what you’re there for, the tequila!

    Alex P.

  • The trip had great variety. Tequila is of course the main focus, and I learned a lot touring the distilleries and sampling their tequila. But I also ate fabulous food, shopped, practiced my college Spanish, played at a carnival, danced at a night club in Tequila and relaxed on the beach.

    I’d say that the best part, along with my new understanding of the tequila process, is that we still have some of our favorite tequila from Los Abuelos (not available here) to share with friends.

    My boyfriend took me on this trip as a Christmas gift, and it was by far the most unique present I’ve ever received. Everything from preparing for the trip, to the actual tour, to later telling friends about what we did reminds me of how one-of-a-kind this experience really was.

    Carrie J.

  • Experience Tequila was a fantastic introduction to Mexico and to the world of quality tequila. The trip felt both comfortable and authentic, and allowed us to experience Mexico in a way that was simultaneously indulgent and respectful.

    Clayton’s deep connections in the communities we visited meant that we saw places, met people, and sampled food and drink that we never would have had we been on our own. Clayton was always prepared with a suggestion for a little taqueria or neighborhood bar just around the corner. He was a delightful companion, but also helped us explore on our own.

    We came away from our trip with a great appreciation for Tequila, both the town and the spirit. In particular, we came to love the blue agave, and with every sip of tequila we’ve had since the trip we’re reminded of the freshly roasted agave we sampled at the distilleries.

    Anyone can bore their friends and family with a vacation slideshow, but we’ve found that things go a little smoother when we share some of the delicious tequila we brought back from our trip.

    Cody H.

  • “This trip is an excellent way to explore tequila. I was interested in taking the trip to learn more about tequila; how to taste, what to look for in tasting, how it’s made and where it’s made. Not only did I learn all of this, I gained a great appreciation for tequila and a whole lot more.

    Because the trip is not only about tequila. Exploring the towns of Guadalajara, Tequila and Barra de Navidad, meeting and interacting with the local people, and learning more about the culture was an experience I will not forget. I have so many wonderful memories.

    I can not speak highly enough about our great guide, Clayton. He has done a thorough job selecting hotels, restaurants, drivers, and has made lasting relationships with the distillery people which certainly made our visit even more special.

    I would have to say that Clayton was the cake, the tequila the icing, the beach the candy sprinkles, and the local people the cherry on top!”

    Lauren M.

  • “The trip offered the perfect mix of planned activities and free time. From the distillery tours, I learned enough about tequila history and the distilling process to share the virtues of tequila with friends and family. During the off hours, I had ample time to wander around, practice my Spanish and just relax.

    Spending a few days at the coast was a real bonus—the beaches were welcoming, the fruit was fresh and the seafood was divine!

    Experience Tequila was a great vacation. I have recommended this tour to friends.”

    Alexandra H.