Who We Are

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Experience Tequila is a small, independent company dedicated to promoting tequila culture and appreciation through tours, tastings, education and events. We believe that tequila is most fascinating and rewarding when fully experienced. The spirit should be sipped and savored, the history and culture observed and appreciated, and the region visited and absorbed. We love tequila as one of the world’s great distilled spirits, but know that tequila is so much more than what comes out of the bottle.  We’ve made it our business to help the world truly experience tequila.

We enjoy thriving relationships with the best tequila makers in the world, but maintain our independence so that we can always tell it as we see it.

We work closely with the Tequila Regulatory Council, the National Industrial Chamber of Tequila, the Ruta de Tequila and various maestros tequileros to ensure that our knowledge and understanding is constantly evolving, just like tequila itself.

We form an official part of the Tequila Trail (La Ruta del Tequila), and are the only American company to receive the prestigious “Double T” certification for excellence in tequila tourism. Our tours are also recommended by the Lonely Planet guidebook.